WYDOT held two open house style public meetings on June 14th and 15th. If you were unable to attend or would like to revisit the information from the meeting, a self-guided virtual open house that includes all the information from the in-person meetings is available. Visit the virtual meeting to learn about the project.

Public Meetings

Project Advisory Committee (PAC)

An important part of the WY 22 Corridor Project planning and NEPA process is extensive public participation. WYDOT is encouraging a collaborative approach that involves all stakeholders to develop a transportation facility that fits into its surroundings and preserves scenic, aesthetic, historic, and environmental/wildlife resources while improving safety and mobility.

A major part of our public involvement program is the formation of a Project Advisory Committee (PAC). The purpose of the PAC is to provide input on various elements of the project, including identifying issues important to the community and providing feedback on project goals and alternatives.

The PAC functions as a liaison between WYDOT and the community as a whole and helps generate interest in and knowledge about the project. This helps ensure opinions, values, and concerns of the community are shared with the project team, and that information developed by the team is distributed to the broader public.

It is important that the PAC be representative of all the varied interests and viewpoints that exist within the project area. The PAC is comprised of volunteers who represent a variety of local interests, such as corridor residents, businesses, commuters, environmental/wildlife interest groups, emergency services, town and county government, and others with a stake in the project’s outcome. This group ensures that project solutions balance community, technical and long‐range planning needs. The PAC will provide input at key project milestones throughout the planning process. See a list of PAC members here. If you would like to contact a member of the PAC, please do so using the [email protected] email address. Click here for the presentation shared with meeting attendees and the meeting summary.

Roles of PAC Members

  • Communicate local issues related to the project area with the project team.
  • Serve as communication link with their communities.
  • Help ensure that community values and environment (context) are considered.
  • PAC members provide input on project deliverables to the Project Leadership Team (PLT), which is responsible for project decision making.

Responsibilities of PAC members

  • Commit to attending as many PAC meetings as possible, to negotiating with all stakeholders, and to represent your interest group in good faith.
  • Provide perspective and input on study data, processes, methods, and technical analysis to inform project development process​.
  • Identify community, wildlife, environmental, economic, and transportation issues.
  • Share information with constituents from your interest group and encourage broader community input​.
  • Provide perspective and concerns from the public and the interest groups you represent to WYDOT and PAC​.
  • Serve as a liaison between WYDOT and the public.
  • Review and comment on pending decisions and actions.
  • Notify WY 22 Corridor project team in a timely manner if you are unable or unwilling to continue to server on the PAC.​

One PAC meeting has been held to date

PAC Meeting #1 – July 19, 2023

The first Project Advisory Group (PAC) meeting for the WY 22 Corridor Project was held July 19, 2023, at the Teton County Library in Jackson. The purpose of the meeting was to:

  • Provide an overview of the project, the environmental project process, and the public involvement program.
  • Outline the purpose, roles, and responsibilities of PAC members.
  • Discuss existing conditions in the project corridor.
  • Review goals for the project and project purpose and need.

Twelve (12) individuals, representing varied interests in the project area (local and county government, transportation, business, environmental, commuters and residents) were invited by WYDOT to participate in the PAC.  Of those invited, 11 were in attendance.

Click here for the presentation shared with meeting attendees and the meeting summary.


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